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Magnesium for Your Good Night Sleep?

Having tough time sleeping or want to improve the quality of sleep? Well, surprisingly, magnesium may be a key for it. As some studies suggest, magnesium has a characteristic of easing tension of both our mind and body, which is something we definitely need for having a quality sleep. Here is an article that you can read about.

In addition, if you like taking long bath in a hot tub ( I do), you can add Terra Wash+Mg in your hot tub so that you may absorb dissolved magnesium through your skin while taking bath, similar to the concept of hot spring or bath salt, both with expectation on benefits from minerals. For bath purpose, one piece of Terra Wash+Mg may not be enough amount to expect sufficient intake of magnesium, but it surely is better than none, so.

Magnesium for quality sleep

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