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How to Use

laundry, sensitive skin, allergy, baby laundry, organic laundry

It’s easy!  No more worries for measuring, spilling, and accidental ingestion by children and pets.


✔   Reusable and capable of 365 washes / 1 year

✔   Works for laundry load up to approx. 8kg(17lb)

✔   Works for any types of washing machine (Top-loading, front-loading, HE and other)

✔   Works for both soft and hard water  / cold and hot water

      (Using hot water may be stronger in cleaning property, but using cold water may be more

      economical and eco-friendly by saving power to heat up)

✔   No suds(bubbles) means No need for rinse cycle, saving power and water consumption

1.   Place Terra Wash+Mginto washing machine together with dirty laundry.  No detergent needed! 

laundry, sensitive skin, allergy, baby laundry, organic laundry

Note: Because Terra Wash+Mg does not contain any chemical bleaching or brightening agent unlike regular detergent, for tough stains,  it is recommended to do some partial wash or apply stain remover on the areas before wash, especially for white cloths. 

Alternatively, use sodium percarbonate together with Terra Wash+Mg, which can compensate whitening & strong stain removal power to Terra Wash.  Sodium percarbonate is economical & ecofriendly solution that are used as main ingredient for many eco-friendly bleaches and can be found in most online stores such as Amazon.  

To learn more about this from my video, click here.

Note:  If preferred, you may use laundry detergent together with Terra Wash+Mg.  When using together, Terra Wash+Mg may amplify the power of detergent, so you can reduce the usage amount of detergent in 1/2 or less. 

Caution :DO NOT USE Chlorine-based detergent or bleach together with Terra wash + Mg!

(a)  Set to include soaking cycle for 15-20 minutes to allow for the hydrogenated alkalized water to work with the dirty 
      laundry for cleaning effectiveness.
(b)  Set to skip rinse cycle to save both water and electricity usage.

2. (Optional) If preferred, manually reset machine washing cycle. (Skip this step if using detergent together)  

3. Remove Terra Wash+Mg from washing machine before drying cycle if using washer/dryer combo.

Note: Leaving Terra Wash+Mg inside machine during drying cycle would not affect its function.  However,  we recommend to remove Terra Wash+Mg before drying cycle so to avoid unnecessary damage to a nylon bag.

4. After finishing the washing cycle, hang up Terra Wash+Mg to air dry. 

 Note: For consecutive loads, you may use Terra Wash+Mg without drying.

Note: When not in use, make sure to  remove Terra Wash+Mg  from a washing machine and air dry.  Leaving Terra Wash+Mg in wet place like in a washing machine for long hours when not in use may facilitate unnecessary oxidation, which may shorten the product life cycle and lower  product performance.

laundry, sensitive skin, allergy, baby laundry, organic laundry

To know when to replace, simply measure the weight of the product!  If the weight is about 70 –80g (2.5 – 2.8oz), it’s about time to purchase a new one.  The product starts from approx.125g (4.5 oz) and the weight decreases as magnesium gradually dissolves during washing.  Although the product continues to work with less than 70-80g (2.5 - 2.8oz), power may be weaker because the amount of magnesium influences the strength of cleaning.  


Here are some options with the old one.

① Use both new and old one together so to amplify the cleaning power.
② Alternatively, plant the magnesium pellets packed in the old laundry sachet in plant pots or in the garden to enrich the soil.


Note: 365 washes is based on average washing cycle (40 - 60 minutes).  Longer cycle may consume magnesium faster.

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