5 Major Reasons to Switch from Detergent


  • Reusable and capable of 365 washes / 1 year (Compare with your money spent on laundry per year)

  • Saves time and money by not requiring frequent purchase of regular detergent

  • Saving money by conserving power and water usage

(Best in odor removal) 

  • About 10 times stronger than regular detergent in removing odor

  • Results in fresh scents (Fragrance Free)


  • 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals, ingredient is derived from earth, which consists 0.15% of our body.

  • 100% Hypo-Allergenic with no chemical residues

  • Perfect for babies, children, and sensitive skin (eczema, allergies, and other serious skin ailments)

  • Protects people's health by keeping the washing machine hygienic by removing mold, germs, and bacteria coming from detergent or soap residues left in the washing machine.

laundry, sensitive skin, allergy, baby laundry


  • Leaves zero trace of chemicals in our aquatic ecosystems (Ocean water consists of 0.13% of magnesium.)

  • Save tons of water by not requiring rinse cycle

  • Conserve energy by not needing rinse cycle, hot water, and frequent package replacement

  • When you give plants water soaked with Terra wash + Mg, plants would become healthier because magnesium is vital element for their health.  You can also use water used in washing cycle with Terra wash + Mg for farming if possible because magnesium contained in used water should help crops to grow healthier.  Moreover, you can plant magnesium packed inside Terra Wash + Mg in your garden or planter after 1 year usage so to return magnesium back to earth and make rich soil.


  • Protects fabrics by preserving fibers and color, resulting in soft touch finish

  • Perfect match for organic cotton

Extra reasons :

  • Best quality (Made in Japan using patent-protected innovative technology with certified test results)

  • Portable and easy to use (Great for travel use)

  • Create no noise during wash

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