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The ONLY Vegetable Wash You Can See the Effect With Your Eyes!

Today, let me introduce Terra Wash+Mg's sister product name 'Terra Wash+Sea, 100% Natural and Eco-friendly Vegetable Wash'. It is the ONLY vegetable wash in the market that you can see the effect with your eyes!

Product features are as follow:

1. Strong antibacterial strength and cleaning power to remove pesticides, wax, bacteria, and dirt so to make your food clean and safe.

2. Zero chemicals & artificial ingredients and made from 100% scallop shell, which helps to reduce shell waste coming from scallop consumption.

3. Eco-friendly (REDUCE shell waste, REUSE shell effectively, and RECYCLE back to Earth as natural ingredients)

Our main purpose for producing this product is to reuse shell, not to make vegetable wash. Every year, tons of shells are disposed after consumption. We are utilizing shell itself so to use our natural resource more efficiently and change waste stream.

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