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Natural Expo East 2017 @ Baltimore, USA

Hi, there. It's T.J. here and I'm now in Baltimore and I was exhibiting in Natural Expo East 2017 which took place here in Baltimore, US. The show started from Sep 14th and ended just yesterday (Sep 16th). This was Terra Wash+Mg's second time to join the show and I'm really grateful that so many people remembering Terra Wash+Mg from the last year show! Instead of sharing pictures, I just filmed some parts of the show and made into video, so that you can get some feel of the show from it. The video includes audio, so I hope you can enjoy the scenes and sounds from the show! I'll be staying here in the US for another week and fly back after that. The next show is going to be natexpo (October 22 - 24th) just coming up next month, which will be taking place in the world-famous Paris, France! See you there!

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