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Hi, it's T.J.! Hope the best for everyone! Well, guess where I am now? I'm now in New Delhi. This is my first time visiting India and I'm really excited to be here! New Delhi is located in the northern part of Inida and is a small portion of the capital city which has a population of ~16 million, spread across 1484! Weather here is nice now with temperature around 17℃(62℉) in low and 28℃(82℉) in high. Metro here is well developed that you can pretty much get around anywhere with it and it may be better to do so since the traffic here is pretty heavy, so. I came here on the date that the Indian government announced to replace old 500 and 1000 rupee bills to new 500 and 2000 rupee bills and this gave me a bit of trouble during the stay here since I only had the old bills exchanged at the airport and people were not willing to accept the old one right after the announcement, so. Well, it was surely a precious experience that can be gained all the time, so. Well, the show exhibited was Bio Fach India and it was a 3 days event started on Nov 10th and ended on Nov 12th. Thanks to people here that so many people came to my booth and made this show a successful one. It was really busy that I didn't even have time to eat lunch. I really liked this show and I'm pretty sure that I'll be coming back to this show next year. Today is my last day here in India and will be flying back to Tokyo at night. Wish everyone a great week!

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