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Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017, London, UK

Hi, there! It's Terra Wash+Mg and T.J. from London, UK. It is our first time to be here in London and we are very excited to be here! We're here for the show name 'Natural & Organic Products Europe' which is taking place in ExCel London. It is a 2 day event and today is gonna be the last day of the show. We came in on the last Friday night (March 31st) and leaving here tonight (April 3rd), so it was quite a short stay, not having enough time for sightseeing, unfortunately! Well, we'll be coming back here again in July for the show name 'The Allergy Free from Show' in July, so hope we get some time during the next visit! We've got to keep up with our schedule and we will be on our way to Toronto, Canada for another show name 'Green Living' which will start from April 7th and ends on April 9th. So, see you again in Toronto!

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