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BIOFACH 2017, Nuremberg, Germany.

Hi, there! It's T.J. from Nuremberg, Germany! It is my first time in Nuremberg and I'm enjoying the atmosphere here. Many historical places, beautiful architecture, fantastic views, and of course the famous yummy Nuremberg sausage, Nuremberg Bratwurst😋 Oh, by the way😅, I'm here to exhibit in the show name Bio Fach Nuremberg which is known as the largest exhibition in Europe for organic and natural product industry! The show is 4 day event and today is the 3rd day. It is the Terra Wash+Mg's first appearance in natural and organic product exhibition here in Europe and people are giving warm welcome, thanks to people in Europe. Well, sad to say, but tomorrow is gonna be the last day of the show and I'm already starting to miss this fantastic exhibition with great new meetings! Well, my next trip will be in March 9-11 in Anaheim, California! Going to Disney land?

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