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Terra Wash+Mg for bathing?

If you like bathing, you may want to use Terra Wash for your bath as an optional use besides for laundry. Hot springs have been loved by people for over centuries for their relaxation and health benefits. Among so many known benefits of hot springs, rich mineral content including magnesium in water is surely one of the main benefits. Yes, for sure, because the water is coming from the earth itself and magnesium is one of the 4 major elements consisting of earth, so. But now, what’s the benefit of having rich magnesium content in hot springs? Well, one of the well-known benefits of magnesium is to ‘ease and relax’ tension, which is why it is used in laxatives, magnesium lotion to ease skin tension when having allergic reactions or cramps, and others. Usage of natural bath salt for bathing is for the same reason, rich in magnesium and minerals! Well, if you have Terra Wash+Mg with you, that is actually high-quality magnesium itself! So, just throw it in a bathtub like 10 – 15 minutes prior to your bathing and leave it inside the bathtub with you when bathing. Giving agitation and friction to those magnesium pellets inside the sachet while bathing would help magnesium play with water. For bathing use, Terra Wash+Mg’s one sachet is surely too small to cover that big bathtub, but surely better than none, so. Using some pcs would surely enhance if you like. A good thing about Terra Wash+Mg is that it can be used repeatedly and would take a very long time to dissolve all magnesium pellets in the sachet, so, actually may be more economical than using bath salt all the time. I guess wild animals also know the benefit of hot springs by their instinct, because the scenery of wild monkeys, bears, and other animals enjoying natural hot springs is well-known here in Japan.


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