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Reusing wastewater from a laundry?

Well, well, it has been almost 2 years since we last posted. Everyone must have faced a difficult time due to the global Covid pandemic or others in the last 2 years, but hope everyone is all healthy and happy today.

Well, this year, we’ll try not to be so lazy and try to post more frequently, at least once or twice per month (frequent?), so to offer some tips and useful info about Terra Wash. Today, I wanted to introduce one aspect and a benefit of using Terra Wash+Mg. One question: Do you reuse your wastewater from your laundry machine after doing laundry? Probably not if using any chemical detergent and wastewater simply goes into a sewage system to clean out those chemicals. However, if you are using Terra Wash only without any chemical cleaning agent and have a laundry system that allows you to take out the wastewater from a laundry, you can actually reuse that wastewater to sprinkle into your garden or farm as fertilizer. The wastewater from a laundry just using Terra Wash contains no harmful chemicals and is rich in minerals (magnesium) and sebum dirt, which both work as great natural nutrition for plants and soil, so. As you may know, magnesium is a vital mineral for living a healthier life for both humans and plants. We are actually making research with a university now on whether using the wastewater from a laundry using Terra Wash makes healthier and more-rich-in-nutrition crops when compared with using regular tap water only. Isn’t it interesting?


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