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How to add ecological whitening & stain removal power to Terra Wash+Mg

Terra Wash+Mg works just perfect for regular household laundry with sweat and dirt, but you may need some other power when having very tough stains or wanting to make white clothes so white. People normally rely on bleach or stain remover on such things. However, since you are using very eco-friendly Terra Wash+Mg, you may also want to consider using something not harmful to our environment as well while achieving your goal, whitening and tough stain removal. Chlorine-based bleach is surely NOT an answer or my recommendation for you, because chlorine-based bleach is said to create ‘trihalomethane’ and other organochlorine compounds, which are said to pollute our environment.

Well, my recommendation is ‘sodium percarbonate’, which is easily accessible on online. Sodium percarbonate is used in many eco-friendly bleaches and number of home cleaning products, such as OxyBoost, OxiClean, and etc. It is the main ingredient of many of those ‘Oxy’ product in the market, averaging up to about 65% of their ingredients. When in water, sodium percarbonate breaks down to water and oxygen, which surely can’t harm our environment, and only leaves sodium carbonate, which is said to be almost non-harmful substance, therefore, resulting in less environmental impact unlike chlorine-based bleaches. In addition, unlike chlorine-based bleaches, colored clothes can be mixed with white clothes due to more gentle bleaching power. Sodium percarbonate is a popular eco-friendly solution used in many European countries when needing strong whitening and tough stain removal power.

Well, surely sounds like a perfect match with Terra Wash+Mg when needing strong stain removal and whitening power! Most of my info shown here is from Wikipedia and you can surely check for yourself more about sodium percarbonate from online. You can purchase sodium percarbonate in any Amazon in the globe easily, just by searching ‘sodium percarbonate’.

Video credit to @cotoncri at Instagram.

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