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Eco Laundry Sachet

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'Terra' meaning 'Earth' in Latin, Terra Wash+Mg is the new laundry revolution from Japan!  Let's change the world with power of miracle element, magnesium!

Product Features
  • Reusabe for 365 washes / 1 year (Save time and money!)  

  • Best in Odor Removal [Fragrance Free] (About 10 times stronger than regular detergent)

  • Human friendly (100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals = Perfect for sensitive skin and  kids)

                             ( Protects people's health by keeping the washing machine hygienic)

  • Earth friendly (Leaves zero trace of chemicals and save tons of water and power)

  • Fabric friendly (Keeps fibers and color / Great for organic cotton) and Antibacterial

  • Best Quality (Made in Japan using patent-protected innovative technology with certified test results)

 **Note: 365 washes is based on average washing cycle (40 - 60 minutes).  Longer cycle may consume magnesium faster, leading to shorter life cycle.

 **Note: Best in odor removal or 10 times stronger than detergent are based on research.

Available worldwide over 20 countries!

Shows Exhibited

natural, organic, natural laundry, terra wash, terra wash+Mg, without detergent, sensitive skin, allergy,
natural, organic, natural laundry, without detergent, terra wash, terra wash+Mg, sensitive skin, allergy,
Natural, organic, natural laundry, Terra Wash, Terra Wash+Mg, sensitive skin,

"I was skeptical first, but I could feel its power easily after my first wash.  The product's power to remove odor is really strong!!  There used to be some smell when line drying my cloths inside the house, but I don't have that problem anymore with this product."


Tokyo, Japan

It's amazing!  My laundry smells so fresh now!!  I also love that the product keeps my washing machine clean just by doing my laundry!


Tokyo, Japan

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