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What is the most important cleaning agent in laundry?

What is the most important cleaning agent in laundry? Terra Wash? Detergent? Well, it’s WATER!! So, not Terra Wash or any other cleaning products. Water is the ultimate universal solvent that no one can clean clothes without it! Sometimes, we think it is the cleaning products that we use are cleaning clothes, but it surely is overlooking the importance of water.

For example, as we all know, handwash is important for hygiene. A lab tested several different methods in handwash, 15 seconds only by running water, 30 seconds with water + soap, and 60 seconds with water + soap. The test result showed that 15 seconds only by running water removed 99% of virus/germs while 30 seconds and 60 seconds with water + soap removed 99.99%+ of virus/germs. Yes, of course, longer time with using soap together helped to improve 0.99%, but the point to acknowledge here is that the water only for 15 seconds actually removed the majority of virus/germs by 99%. Similar thing may be found in laundry as well. To test, prepare 2 white T-shirts and put all kinds of dirt (Ketchup, coffee, dirt, etc) and wash one with water only and other with a cleaning product in a washing machine. People would be surprised to see how similar the result would be in appearance and surprised to know how well water only actually cleans! Yes, of course, water has some weakness in laundry such as killing bacteria due to its generosity and dissolving something oily like human sebum dirt, which both can be helped by Terra Wash. Magnesium used in Terra Wash is a natural antibacterial agent and great at removing sebum dirt, so. What we like about Terra Wash is that it just helps water, the most important resource on the planet, to do a bit more in laundry without contaminating water itself by any hazardous chemicals. Rather, waster water coming from the laundry machine using Terra Wash only would be a great water for watering plants due to its nutrition-rich contents (magnesium & sebum) without any hazardous chemicals.

Well, we just wanted to share our thought that WATER is the leading actor in laundry and all other products are just supporting actors!

Happy Laundry!


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