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Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo 2016, Dubai, UAE

Hello, it's T.J. again! I hope everyone is doing great. Time passes by so fast and it is already December and getting close to the end of 2016. Winter season is coming in Japan and it is getting colder now. But, you know what? I'm now escaping from that cold weather and in a warm place. Can you guess where that is? I came back to Dubai for another exhibition!! Although summer time here gets really hot, weather now here in Dubai is really nice that it is around high in 29 degree Celsius(84 F) and low in 20 degree Celsius(68 F). Local people say that this nice weather stays like this until around May , so you should come visit here before it gets hot!

Well, the show that I'm exhibiting now is called 'Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo (MENOPE) and it is taking place in Dubai trade center (Hall 6). My booth number is A16, so please come by if you are living in Dubai! This is our first time joining this show. Well, show itself is not that big in size that using just 1 hall, but you can feel the growing trends of natural and organic industry here in the Middle East. I could feel that the show will continue to grow every year to come and I'll be very happy to keep coming back here to exhibit in the show to feel the growth of the industry here in the Middle East region. As always anywhere in the world, Terra Wash+Mg has been given a very very warm welcome here at the show and people are loving our product. To sad to notice, but today is the last day of the show...... I love meeting people and introducing our Terra Wash+Mg, so. I wish that I could be doing exhibition 365 days so that I can introduce Terra Wash+Mg everyday to people directly in the world, but I guess I got to go back to Japan after today... Well, well. This exhibition is going to be our last exhibition for 2016 and the next one is going to be in Nuremberg, Germany, the famous Bio Fach in February!!

Everyone, have a great weekend and keep in touch!!

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