Tendence 2016 (Frank Furt, Germany)

August 28, 2016

Hi, everyone! We are now exhibiting in the show name 'Tendence', taking place in Messe Frank Furt, Germany. It is Terra Wash+Mg's first appearance here in Europe! (Actually, it is my (T.J.'s) first visit to Europe as well! That's why it makes us a great partner, me and Terra Wash+Mg, as always!) Well, the show is 4 days event and today was the first day. Let me share some pictures taken from the show and also the city. Frank Furt is surely a beautiful city and I love being here. So far, people love Terra Wash+Mg and its concept ! ! I hope I can meet as many people as possible in the following 3 days so that people here in Germany or Europe can get acquainted to our Terra Wash+Mg! Thank you! Danke!! (thank you in German) 


















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